MYAirlines Bookings Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page has aggregated some of the most frequently asked questions about booking with MYAirline.


Where can I book my MYAirline flight ticket?

You can book flight tickets via our website, mobile app, or from the sales counter at the airport. Please note that online booking for a flight closes four (4) hours before its scheduled departure time.

Can I purchase baggage allowance less than 24 hours before departure?

Yes, you can purchase baggage allowance from our website or mobile app via Manage Booking, at the airport sales counter, or via Live Chat on our website. but make sure you purchase your baggage allowance at least four (4) hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time – after that, you will not be able to do so.

Purchase of baggage weight within 4 hours from the departure of your flight can only be made at the airport checking counter. Passengers may only purchase a block of 15kgs at the airport. Any excess weight beyond 15kgs will be charged on a per kilo rate basis.

Passengers with pre-booked baggage weight and who have excess will also be charged for the excess on a rate per kilo basis.

How do I find my booking?

A copy of your flight itinerary will be sent to the email address that you entered during the booking. If you are unable to find your booking, please contact your bank or retrieve an online bank statement to check if any transactions were charged, and:

1. If there were no transactions identified in 24 hours from the time of your booking, your transaction was not successful, and you will need to make anew booking.
2. If the transaction was charged, there may have been an error in entering your email address while making your booking. Please reach us via Live Chat for immediate

How many passengers can I include in a single booking?

You may book up to nine (9) passengers in a single booking. To book additional passengers, please repeat the process to create a separate booking.

If my passport expires in less than six (6) months, can I still travel?

Unfortunately, no. It is compulsory for all passengers to carry a passport that is valid for more than six (6) months when travelling internationally. Please ensure that your passport is renewed before travelling.

How do I request a wheelchair?

You may pre-book a wheelchair at least four (4) hours prior to departure via Live Chat. However, please be informed that the availability of a wheelchair is subject to availability.

How much will I be charged for a wheelchair?

Please click on our Fare & Fees page for the wheelchair charges.

Does your aircraft have bassinet seats?

Unfortunately, no bassinet seat will be provided on our flights. However, you are allowed to bring your own child safety seat according to our approved specifications. An extra seat must be purchased for the child restraint device. For more information, go to our Infant / Child page.

Can I travel while pregnant?
Yes, you can. If you are less than 35 weeks (about 8 months) pregnant, you can travel with certain conditions applied:

– Pregnancy up to 27 weeks (inclusive):

You are required to sign a Release and Indemnity Form to be allowed carriage.

– Pregnancy 28 weeks to 34 weeks (inclusive):
You will be required to produce a doctor’s letter confirming that you are fit to travel. The doctor’s letter MUST be issued within seven (7) days
of the scheduled flight departure date. You will also need to sign a Release and Indemnity Form.

– Pregnancy above 35 weeks

You will not be permitted to travel on any flight for health and safety reasons.

If I have an alias or a second name, which name should I use during booking?

Your name should be identical to the name in your passport, visa, and/or other travel documents needed for your identification at both check-in and arrival at your destination.

What travel documents must I provided for my flights

    For Domestic Flights

– Malaysian adults are required to produce their original identity
– Malaysian children may be required to produce either original birth certificates or MyKid
– All travellers on flights must posses valid passports with at least six (6) months of validity and the applicable valid visas.

    For International flights

– All travellers on international flights must posses valid passports with at least six (6) months of validity and the applicable valid visas.

Who do I contact if I have any enquiries about my booking?

You may reach out to us via Live Chat. Our Live Chat agents will be available from 0900 to 2100 daily, Malaysian Time (+8 GMT).

Infant / Child

Are infants allowed on MYAirline flights?
Yes, infants aged 8 days and above are permitted carriage on our flights. A child that has not attained its 2nd birthday is defined as an infant.

The infant should also be accompanied by an able-bodied adult who shall be responsible for the infant. As a safety precaution, one (1) adult is allowed to travel with only one (1) infant.

How do I add an infant after my booking is confirmed?

To add an infant to your booking, please reach out to us via Live Chat for our assistance. However, you may also proceed to our airport sales counter or upon check-in at the airport check-in counter to add an infant travelling with you, at least One (1) hour before your scheduled flight departure time and it is subjected to the availability.

Can I book add-ons for my infant like baggage and meals?

No, you cannot book add-ons for your infant separately from your main booking. Please book these add-ons through your main booking. When booking add-ons, you can request for up to two (2) portions of the in-flight meal. You can also book an extra seat to accommodate a child car seat for your infant. Read more about our policy on child car seats at our Infant / Child page

How do I check-in for my infant?

When you check-in for the accompanying adult, if during the booking process you have indicate that you are travelling with an infant, the infant will be checked in automatically at the same time. Make sure you have mentioned that you are travelling with an infant in your booking process.

What travel documents do I have to bring for my infant?

Please make sure you bring along your infant’s identification card or copy of birth certificate for domestic flights. For International flights, you must have your infant’s passport with at least 6 months of validity along with any applicable valid visas.

Is there a separate boarding pass for my infant?

When you print the boarding pass for the adult after performing web check-in, the infant boarding pass will be in the same page as a separate attachment.

What if I want to remove the infant from my booking?

Once your booking has been confirmed and paid for, you will not be able to remove the infant from it.

How many infants can I add to one booking?

Each adult may add one (1) infant. For example, if there are five (5) adults in the booking, you can add up to five (5) adults in the booking, you can add up to five (5) infants. However, there is a maximum number of infants allowed on each flight as we only carry a certain number of infant life vest on board.

Can I still add an infant after web check-in?

Yes, you can. To add an infant, please reach out to us via Live Chat for assistance.

Can I add an infant at the last minute?

You may add an infant up to four (4) hours before departure. MYAirline limits the number of infants allowed on each flight as we carry a certain number of infant life vests on board each of our aircraft. So, if possible, book early!

What is the baggage allowance for infants?

There are no baggage allowances for infants, but baby strollers / buggies / prams can be carried free of charge as a check-in baggage, provided they are being used by an infant and/or child that is travelling. Otherwise, a check-in baggage allowance must be pre-booked.

Can I use my baby stroller until the boarding gate?

Baby strollers/buggies/prams may be used until the boarding gate before they are checked into the aircraft hold. Depending on the local procedure at the airport you arrive at, the baby strollers/buggies/prams can be made available at the bottom of the steps, outside the aircraft door or at the baggage carousel.

Can I take a child’s car seat onboard the aircraft?

You can carry a child’s car seat / additional postural support (child restraint device) onboard the aircraft, according to our approved specifications. An extra seat must be purchased for the child restraint device.

These are the approved specifications for a child restraint device:

1. The restraint device shall have a proper and well-defined shell (e.g. plastic frame) where the under-structure is securely attached showing no
signs of

2. It must be designed to carry a child between one (1) year old to four (4) years old and up to 18 kilos in body

3. The design of the restraint device should be such that a child may be easily and quickly secured in or removed from.

4. The restraint device shall not be placed at any emergency exit rows and be forward-

5. The restraint device ideally shall occupy a window seat position and the accompanying adult shall occupy the seat next to the infant.

6. Only one (1) restraint device is allowed to be placed in a row of 3 seats and shall be firmly secured by means of the adult seat belt on which it

7. The restraint device shall not he installed with the aircraft seat helt aver the child and the device itself.

8. The infant shall be secured in the restraint device with the seat back upright during take-off, landing, turbulence and whenever the “Fasten Seat
Belt” sign is

9. During the safety briefing for priority guests, Flight Attendant should brief the parent/guardian that in the event of an evacuation, only the infant
is to be

10. Should a car seat be used for an infant, the adult shall pay for the seat on which the car seat would be placed

11.Booster-type child restraint devices are NOT permitted for use on MYAirline aircraft at any

Are children allowed to travel alone?

Children aged below 12 on the day of departure are not allowed to travel alone unless they are accompanied by a person who is at least 18 years old or above (on the day of departure). Children must be seated next to the adult whom they are travelling with.

Children aged above 12 but below 16 on the day of departure can travel alone. If they are travelling alone, they will be classified as Young Passengers Travelling Alone (YPTA) and will be subject to rules set by MYAirline for their own safety.

Young Passengers Travelling Alone (YPTA)

Children between the age of 12 to 16 years old on the day of departure are considered as Young Passengers Travelling Alone (YPTA).

Please note that:

A YPTA is not considered as an adult and cannot accopany children below 12 years old.

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